Axel started as CEO for Studentwork Sweden in January 2016, but since November 2017 he works as Group Executive. Before starting as CEO Axel worked as COO at Studentwork, but he has also worked as Team Manager and Regional Manager in the industry. Who is the man behind the title? You´ll find all the answers below.

Tell us a little bit about your career and the challenges you faced so far?
My first job was as an Account Manager where I learned how to sell which has helped me a lot during my career. Selling is about building up trust and that skill is useful in many positions. In the staffing and recruitment business I have worked as a Consultant Manager, Team Manager, Branch Manager, Operations Manager and CEO.
In Studentwork my first role was Operations Manager where I built up a team of Consultant Managers that could provide great service for both our customers and consultants. During the last years we have heavily invested time in our culture and I think it has paid off.

My second role was as a CEO for Studentwork Sweden. As a company you always try to differentiate yourself from your competitors and in our industry, that can be challenging at times. We have been very focused on trying to differentiate ourselves, but today I think that we know better what we are good at and it shows to our customers and consultants.

In my role as a CEO my goal was to grow the organization, both in turnover and number of people. 2017 we are reaching the target of 30 % growth which we are very proud of. I´m also very proud of my colleagues and I think that we together have created a company and a workplace where people develop and enjoy. We have a lot of fun and love to reach our goals (and when we do we always celebrate).

Tell us about your new role as Group Executive?
As the Group Executive I will work close together with the CEOs for Studentwork in both Finland and Sweden. I will also work close with Sharper, our sister company that focus on more mid-level positions.

My main responsibility is to help create an environment where people we hire can perform their best. That way we will reach our goals and be successful. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I think we are on the right path.

The role has many challenges of course, but it would be nice to learn some Finnish now when I spend a lot of time in Finland. I know that ‘Kippis’ won’t take me far…

Which are Studentwork´s goals and challenges today and in the future?
Today Studentwork´s focus is to strengthen our culture and have the most satisfied customers and consultants in the industry. We measure that through NPS (net promoter score) twice a year and our current result is 41. If we have a look at our future goal we want to reach 100 Million Euros in turnover in 3-5 years.

Lastly, what do you do when you´re not working?
I have a wife and a 1-year old daughter, so when I am not working it is all about family life for me. I love it!