Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard!

Our CEO Emmi was interviewed in Norwegian Magazine February issue!

Welcome aboard!

Studentwork’s Onboarding Analysis tool helps graduates find their feet in the corporate world

Across Scandinavia, fully qualified graduates are raring to climb the corporate ladder. There’s just one problem: many of them are finding it difficult to get past the first rung. A recent study by Studentwork, one of the leading recruitment and staffing firms in the Nordics, found that while 81 per cent of graduates are keen to develop and become more competitive in their careers, they also feel that most companies don’t have the proper systems in place to facilitate progression.

Since its inception in 2004, Studentwork, which connects graduates with white-collar jobs, has been working with various businesses to develop tools and systems to help employees grow. Studentwork believes that the early stages of employment – known as the onboarding phase – are absolutely critical to an employee’s development. Usually, the basis of trust between manager and worker is built up during this time. “A manager should get to know a new employee as early as possible,” says Emmi Kantonen, the Finnish CEO of Studentwork.

“This way, they can not only support the employee from an individual standpoint but also enhance his or her strengths.” In partnership with business psychology firm Criterion, Studentwork has developed Onboarding Analysis, an online assessment tool tailored to individual needs. It enables employees to map their own strengths via a personality test; as a result, employers can better understand their teams.

“A good employee is always a good investment, and the right kind of leadership will bring the best possible outcome to both parties,” says Kantonen.

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