Our customer is a multinational company with a demand of several hundred young talents across the Nordic region for the summer periods. Studentwork's assignment is to:

  1. Give more and better quality of applicants.
  2. Overall responsibility of the entire recruitment process executed according to a fixed schedule – starting from in-house administration of vacancies, marketing the vacancies, interviewing, conducting a survey to drafting the final report.
  3. Improve employer image - Leave a positive impression to everyone that applies, gets employed or does not get employed.


Project management

Overall responsibility for successfully branding, marketing and completing the recruitment process for all summer jobs.

Interview branding

Face-to-face branding to candidates – that fit the profile - carried out throughout the Studentwork group during interviews telling candidates about our customer as an employer and their value proposition (reached approx. more that 2 500 candidates).

Overall marketing

Markeing through Studentwork’s own, extended and associate’s recruitment channels (Nordic’s largest medias) and networks. We pin-pointed schools of special interest to our customer for niched marketing effort. (More than 500 000 candidates to our disposals.)

Social media campaigns

LinkedIn and Facebook marketing in selected discussions groups. Publicity through our social media channels, blog and on our homepage.


Studentwork is responsible for project management for all fairs. Overall we visited 17 schools and fairs during the fall.


We hosted events at the customer’s and Studentwork’s premises inviting candidates of interest and events at specific schools of the customer’s choice. Studentwork had the overall project management responsibility for the events.


Studentwork completed satisfaction surveys amongst candidates, customer's managers and employed talents. The results were presented in a final report together with all data from the project (including applicant demographics etc).


  • Attended 17 events, attracted 11,593 applicants and filled all 227 summer positions successfully.
  • 37,5 % of all applicants heard about the summer jobs through Studentwork’s employer branding activities.
  • Clear project management throughout the project: keeping deadlines and making sure that everything ran smoothly from the very beginning to the end.
  • Ensured that everyone that applied, didn’t apply, got a job, or didn’t get picked for the job, were treated with the same great care. This ultimately improves our customer’s company image, making the project an effective employer branding tool that reaches out to future co-workers and customers.
  • Managed to diminish any technical issues with the application and recruitment system. We use Studentwork’s own, qualified application and recruitment system.
  • Assisted with communication between candidates and managers in all stages of the process (also after the final interviews).
  • Offered support to candidates applying - especially during the last days of the application period.
  • Overall feedback from applicants and the managers was very positive – that has resulted in renewed trust to carry out the project three years in a row.